Farrah Abraham back with another sex tape

Farrah Abraham is back with another sex tape and its just as awesome as the first one. Not only does she have hardcore anal sex again but she gets spanked and takes a ride on a sex swing. She has denied that she wanted this to come out but we know she loves the fame and money. What are the chances that she has male babysitters for her kid just so she can bang them. my guess is pretty high and I would gladly apply. Check out Farrah 2 Backdoor and More now its definitely worth it.

Farrah Abraham Porn

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Porn Video

While she might not be a babysitter but Teen Mom Farrah Abraham is a hot little teen that gets me happy in my pants. Apparently she has shot a porn video with porn star James Deen. This has fake sex tape ala Kim Kardashian smell all over it but really I don’t care. I want to see this hot little slut get fucked silly. Check back for updates as soon as it’s released I will link it here.